To the online home of Geocaching (a type of electronic treasure hunting) in Buckinghamshire, home of Englands first ever Geocache! Hidden all around you, pretty much no matter where you are, are thousands of secret stashes & interesting places waiting to be found. If you would like to join the other 2000+ everyday folks, families & fanatics from the uk alone, in the hunt your welcome, just read on for more information!

Important, its the technical bit! – Before we go any further please make sure that, provided you are using Internet Explorer, your screen resolution is 1024 x 768 Pixels (you can check this by right clicking on your desktop, selecting properties & by then selecting settings). Please also make sure that you are using the text size ‘smaller’ (by selecting ‘view’ in your browser, & then ‘text size’). Finaly make sure you are viewing the pages latest update by holding the control button down and pressing refresh once. Without these settings the page may not display as intended.

This site has been around since August ’02 supplying local, & not so local cachers with the latest news, info & downloads. Now you are here please make sure to join our forums, this way you can make new friends & catch up on all the latest events as soon as they happen. Feel free to use any of the resources available. Artistic ‘stash notes’, ‘micro-cache log sheets’ & ‘cache stickers’ are all in the downloads section & I will be more than happy to see them being used when I visit your caches! Enjoy having a look around & if you have any ideas or requests let me know by emailing me anytime, at Dan@buckscaching.co.uk or by writing in the forums. The images scrolling across the page are cache locations. If you see any which interest you, click them for details! There are currently 198 caches in Bucks (9 of which are archived).

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